Tuesday, January 31, 2006

bassin' with the kids

on sunday my brother and i took his two sons fishing. we didnt know that they were going to go out there and show up their old man and uncle. they both caught bigger bass than we did! mason caught the largest bass of the day and connor caught the second largest. all in all we got six keepers and had a small fish fry that night. the kids seemed to have a good time and you know dustin and i did.

Monday, January 30, 2006

moccasin man

on our last hunt richard ran into this not so friendly snake. he was walking along the pond trying to jump a duck. i had seen two others earlier that morning but had let them go. dustin shot this one proclaiming he had saved a future someone's or cow's life. maybe so!! it does make me rethink all the wading around i had done in that pond. if you look close u will see there is no head left.

last shoot of the season

saturday we went out to a small pond in haines city for our final hunt of the season. it was a great final hunt. we shot 9 ring necks (ring bills as many folks call them because the ring around their bill is much more prominent than the one around there neck) and 1 hooded merganser drake. dustin got the hoodie with the last shot of the season, which is fitting because he has wanted to get one since we started hunting this year. we all had a blast (literally) and we cant wait till the start of next years season.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

crooked days

this is a lesser scaup or blue bill as most call it. it was taken on crooked lake two saturdays ago, which was the windiest day of the year. my brother, richard and i got stuck on the lake for about four hours longer than we had planned because of the waves. while we were waiting for the wind to die down, which it never did, we got a few of these bluebills.
my brother and i are heading out tomorrow morning for another day on crooked lake. wish us luck, i think ive found a wood duck flyway so hopefully we will bring home a couple of woodies.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


thought it would be fun to document this years duck season with pictures and a few stories.
this wood duck came from crooked lake in frostproof, fl. this photo was taken by richard pearson who also has a blog of this site http://rapidview.blogspot.com/.