Saturday, June 28, 2008

night fish

vince and i went and did some night fishing on thursday. we caught several fish but this one was the best. all but one were caught on crankbait. one on a texas rigged worm.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

big hig

vince took hig fishing while i was out of town. heres what happened

"the fish jerked the pole out of his hands on the hookset. hig hesitated for a moment, and took the plunge. he handed the pole up to me and i held it till we got him back in the boat, so he could get him in." -vince

nice fish hig! next time try and stay in the boat.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

hiwassee on fly

i wanted to learn a bit about the tennessee fly fishing scene so a friend and local pro, bill stiles, was kind enough to take me over to the hiwassee river to show me a few honey holes. didnt catch anything huge but we had good numbers. mostly rainbows with a few small browns mixed in. the scenery was absolutely beautiful. very different from the nantahala which is beautiful in a whole different way. we drifted dry flies over thick submerged grass that grows when the generators are off and the river is low. something that ive never done before and adds a bright green to the water that is wonderful for pictures. i broke my fly rod (thankfully bill had a spare) and got stung by a yellow jacket but beside those mishaps i had an awesome time. big thanks to bill for letting me tag along and sharing his local knowledge. cant wait till december when we will be back up.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

1st at rons

tonight we took 1st place and big bass honors at ron's night tournament. it was held at lake alfred. we weighed in five fish at 15.5 lbs. big bass was a 5 pounder. we are kinda on a rons roll.

Friday, June 06, 2008

2nd at rons

vince and i fished a "ron’s tackle box" tournament last night (6pm to 9:30pm) and finished in 2nd place. there is something i really love about the ron’s touneys. it is run by the owner (ron) of a small local bait a tackle store here in polk county. its where bass tournament fishing all started for me. its simple. no fancy digital scales here. just an old laundry basket, a 5 gallon bucket and a produce scale. no big entry fees. no big egos. no big pressure. but when you catch a big one it feels just as good as in any tournament.