Friday, June 22, 2012

fishing with finn

I took Finn to do some bluegill fishing. We went looking for red worms but only found nightcrawlers which are too big but we cut them down to size. Finn caught some really beautiful fish. One bluegill in particular was very dark and had a thick orange outline that really stood out. I tried to get him to kiss one for good luck but he was having none of it. We came across a jonboat that had a shark painted on it. Finn was very impressed by that and asked me to take a picture of it. We did other manly things of course like peeing outside.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


yesterday a few of us went over to cocoa beach to do a little surfing. well, they did a little surfing. i mostly paddled around some and watched them surf. it was very choppy and i was exhausted after the first paddle out. it has probably been 17 years since the last time i went surfing and i am far from being in surfing shape. i caught two waves and didn't even consider standing up. i still had a lot of fun watching everyone else surf and look forward to a much calmer day when i can get out and actually do some surfing.

Friday, June 08, 2012

fishing with bill

Dr. Bill Roberts was nice enough to take johnny and me on a chartered flats fishing trip with Captain Mike Shipley. We caught reds, trout, and snook. Captain Mike was a class act and put us on nice fish. The highlight of the trip was watching johnny catch his first ever snook. A Big thanks to Bill for including us in a very memorable trip! Even though he made fun of me all day for taking pictures of anything and everything, I'm willing to bet he will enjoy them.