Thursday, March 21, 2013

fishing the new lake

I bought a Jon boat on Monday for $50. A steal of a deal. Today I sailed it's maiden voyage on the lake in our new neighborhood. I have been dying to get out and explore a bit. I only had a couple hours before work so I went right and fished the smaller phosphate pit. I caught five bass and they were all over 2 pounds. The black belly whistling ducks made it difficult to concentrate on fishing but I managed. Its nice to see there is a healthy population of bass in there. Next trip I will go left and check out the larger pit and since it is connected to the other I can only assume it will be just as good.

Monday, March 18, 2013

damn turkeys

We went out this morning for our first real turkey hunt. We had several turkeys fly right over us from their roost. Problem is that they landed on the other side of the river. We called for a bit but with no response so we went searching for them. We never found them but we got to see a lot more of the beautiful green swamp. On the way home we saw some turkeys on a piece of private property. We stopped and called to them. It was fun to watch the Tom strut and listen to him gobble when I would call to him. I took a picture but the zoom only goes so far and the picture leaves much to be desired. If you click on the picture it should make it larger.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

kids and cane poles

I purchased some cane poles for the kids the other day. We went back down to the creek today and did a little fishing. I even got in on the action and caught a nice bass. Lyla picked up the camera at the end and snapped a nice picture of the black belly whistling ducks flying over our neighbors house.

Friday, March 15, 2013

bass in the creek

Well its official, there are more than just shiners in the creek. I ordered a shimanno citica the other day and it came in the mail while i was at work yesterday. I spooled it up this morning to test it out. On the second cast I hooked a small bass. A couple casts later I hooked this nice 4 pounder. Now I need a small Jon Boat so I can explore the lakes.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

turkey scout II

Johnny and I went scouting again on Monday. We took bikes this time and went much deeper into the swamp. The green swamp is much more beautiful than I had imagined. I could have wondered around in there all day. I can't believe I haven't been taking advantage of this place all these years when it is so close to home. We were very surprised by the six foot alligator we almost ran in to. We found a nice spot that is loaded with turkey tracks. We even saw a few turkeys. We got a little lost but finally got our bearings and found our way out. At the truck I found five ticks already embedded in my skin and removed them. Johnny had two. I guess his blood is not as sweet as mine, go figure. We don't have a permit for Saturday or Sunday but we will be there first thing Monday morning. 

Saturday, March 09, 2013

shiners on the creek

Last week we moved to a new house. There is a creek next to the house that leads to larger phosphate pits. I wanted to take the kids down to the creek and see if we could catch anything. All of my fishing reels were stolen from our previous house but I have a few rods and some line so we tied up a make shift rig and headed out. We caught some shiners on bread balls and the kids had a blast. The next order of business is to get some reels and a jon boat to explore the pits and hopefully find some bass.