Saturday, April 26, 2008

inshore slam

dr. bill roberts was kind enough to take me out on a guided fishing trip this morning. it was amazing. i had never been on a guided trip before. it took me a little while to get use to someone wanting to bait my hook and everything but once the action kicked in that was the least of my worries. between the two of us we caught about 60 redfish, all of which were between 24"-30". we caught so many reds in such a short time that our arms all but gave out. we also caught several nice snook and a few trout. capt. todd romine was a class act and really knows what hes doing. cant recommend him enough. thanks again bill!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

trout fishing north carolina

The first couple of days I stuck around with the family and fished out of the creek that ran behind the cabin we stayed in.

I used some flies that I had tied before the trip. Olive woolly boogers, pheasant tail nymphs and blood worms. The worms worked very well and after the ones I had tore up I had to improvise. I went to walmart purchased some red yarn and tied some extras.

I caught mostly brookies and rainbows.

josh, jen and kids joined us on the week long vacation.

after a few days in the small creek we were ready for some new scenery and different trout so I headed down to the nantahala river in search of new areas

the next morning we found an area a friend told me about. I didn’t catch any monsters but I did catch a brook and a rainbow that were pushing 2 lbs. not bad for the area.

these two went home to the frying pan. All the other fish were released.

while we were there I had my 31st birthday. The morning of my birthday I decided I wanted trout with my breakfast. So I walked down to the creek and caught this nice “birthday trout.” Josh was kind enough to take a picture for me. I think that was my favorite part of the whole trip. My “redfish” fillet knife kinda dwarfs the trout.

my birthday breakfast

the beswicks cabin is beautiful and we had a wonderful time. the fishing was awesome and believe it or not i didnt take a picture of every trout i caught.

Friday, April 04, 2008

andrews, nc

going to andrews, nc for spring break with the family. hope to get a bit of fly fishing in while im there. wont have internet up there so hopefully ill have plenty to post when i get back.