Tuesday, December 19, 2006

dove turned ducky

so every time we go out for one type of game we end up bagging another type. richie and i went out for a dove hunt and didnt see a damn dove but while in the middle of the woods a random duck flys over and richie takes him down with dove shot. i took one shot all day and killed a single snipe. maybe i should go hog hunting or something and end up with a trophy buck

Monday, December 11, 2006

fla mallards on crooked

went to crooked lake this past weekend to get some ducks. didnt see many ducks! most of the ones we did see were mottled ducks(florida mallards) and u can only take one per person. these two ducks came in as a pair to our decoys. we hit them at the exact same time. dustin also got a few snipe. we had a good time!

Monday, December 04, 2006

duck scout turned fishy

so dustin and i were invited to shoot ducks on some private land. the problem was we didnt know if there were any ducks out on this land and since it wasnt duck season last week we decided to go scout it out one evening. the land owner said there could be a few bass in the old phosphate pit so we brought along a couple of poles. he was right there are a few bass in that old pit. we didnt see a single duck but that could be because we had our hands full catching bass. in a couple hours we had landed around 50 bass (most keeper size) a few in the 6 pound range and several in the 3 pound range. we probably could of caught a 100 if we would of kept fishing a worm but we decided to throw some topwater plugs and toads for the excitement factor. we kept a limit of 14 inch fish for our annual wild game cookout but released all the larger fish. don’t know if we will ever kill a duck on that land but u can bet we are going to go scout it out again before duck seasons starts back up. crapy scouting trip but great fishing trip!