Friday, April 14, 2006

big sis

so fern is a big sister now. shes gonna have to step up and be a good example. im sure as they r growing up they will never fight and always be best friends. ok, maybe not, but so far they seem to be getting along great. fern came to the hospital yesterday and everything went well. leah and lyla r getting released early (tonight @ 7pm) which is really nice. leah is ready to get home to her own bed!

thursday night tourney update: dustin and vince did pretty well last night on winter haven's south chain of lakes. they placed 5th, which doesnt get any money but it gets us a free spot in next weeks tourney, so congrats guys. and thanks for filling bro! vince probably wants to trade me in now.


Richard P. said...

i think fern is going to be a good sister!!!! love the first pic....priceless...the look on her face is.

Laurie said...

congrats ya'll! i really enjoyed looking at your pictures, cannon!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you! You can't ask for more than mother & baby being healthy in the end.

-JDGator from Fl waterfowl message boards