Wednesday, April 05, 2006

ncaa champs

im posting this gator pic in tribute of the florida gators winning the national championship on monday night. im not a gator fan (go miami) but when it comes down to it i will pull for any florida team over another state. this is from last weeks fishing trip. this gator was just sitting up in a tree and I thought it would make a nice pic. he let me get within a couple of feet before he dove into the lake below.


Anonymous said...

Quit playing on the internet, and get back to work!!!!!


Kevin S.

vanckirby said...

i dont really teach anything, i just play on my blog all day. wait a sec, arent u at work right now?

Richard P. said...

dude that is close!!! reach out and touch fate!!!!!!!!! how about we bring one of those home and we play with it!!! they make good pets right!??????

Anonymous said...

porno for pyros.

used fishing boat said...

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