Monday, May 22, 2006

bocce ballin

well i havent been blogging this past week because i was at ryan's beach house on anna maria island. we didnt catch that many fish but we still had a blast. this picture is of richard, ryan and colin during a bocce ball match on the beach. i think richie and colin beat our ass this game. shout out to colin who had to catch a flight back to hotlanta at 4am this morning and to ryan who had to drive him to the airport. i was still sleeping. anyway, we r all back to the grind this morning. hopefully it wont take another whole year to get back there, hint hint nudge nudge, ryan!!! many more pics from the trip to come.


Richard P. said...

yeah that was some fun......yeah i hope it will not take a whole year to defend our Bocce ball championship!!!!

Richard P. said...

send me those pics "again"!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks rp

Anonymous said...

Richard, the championship is held by Cannon and me! We are the team to be beat and don't forget it. "The Come-Back Kings"

Ryan Wilson said...

Yeah, I was a stand-in for Duke on Sun. to defend the championship. Cameron & I blew an insurmountable lead in game 3...due mostly to the cheating of one Richard Pearson, who broke the bocce batting order TWICE! Their win is under protest. We'll have to get back to the beach to settle the score...& yes I agree, sooner rather than later.

Props to my boy Colin for making the trip down to the Sunshine State! Awesome weekend...CHUCKERS!!!

vanckirby said...

that is true, richard did cheat!

Anonymous said...

Don't deny the champions their due by calling us cheaters. Yall just folded under pressure an Richard and I made some big time plays. Good times had by all and I'll holler atcha about the Falcons game.

Anonymous said...

What stud muffins!! :)
'Glad ya'll had fun!!