Monday, May 08, 2006


mason, connor and dustin with a small black tip shark at little gasparilla island


Grammie said...

My sweet sunny bugs at Little Gasparilla Island...catching and releasing these beautiful baby sharks!! Great memories!


P.S. You're sweet, too, Dustin!! :)

the blond hair boy said...

that's my shark.


Anonymous said...

We're going to be on Little Gasparilla Nov 5-15th. Now you've got my wife concerned about sharks in the water! I've been telling her no big deal as long as you stay in the shallow water - am I mistaken?
As well, I've never fished snook but I hear they're plentiful on the Inter-coastal. Any suggestions for bait (live shrimp?) and setup?

vanckirby said...

you will be fine. the big sharks move through during the tarpon run late spring early summer. if you a really worried i wouldnt go out past the sandbar. thats where most of the sharks hangout. the small shraks like the one in the photo are always around but they wouldnt ever bother you! hope you have fun at little gasparilla. it is my favorite place in the world!

for snook: do you have a boat? the best way to catch snook is to fish the dock lights at night by free lining live shrimp. they are under the docks by the hundreds. if you watch you will see them busting shrimp as they move past the lights. dont use a weight or swivel and only mono line. snook there are very smart.

trent? do i know you? how did you find out about the blog?

vanckirby said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply!

No - you have no idea who I am. My wife found you with a little gasparilla and shark google search.
We might be renting a boat for the week we're down - haven't really decided just yet. It sounds like dock fishing would be almost as successful at any rate. Thanks for the tips.

vanckirby said...

if you get a boat let me know. i can put you on some food redfish and trout spots.

Anonymous said...

Hi again,

Looks like we'll have a boat for at least 2-3 days.

You mentioned you had suggestions for redfish & trout? I'm not an avid fisherman - pretty much combined to splake (speckled/lake trout cross) and bass in our Ontario lakes. So ... any instructions would have to be rated for a newby.
Thanks again.

vanckirby said...

which side of the island are you staying on. north or south? gulf or bay? do you have a dock on the bay side? the best thing mught be for you to send me an email to and ill try to send you a map with some spots marked. what kind of boat will you have? some of the spots are pretty shallow and have oyster bars that can put a hurt on a boat.