Friday, June 02, 2006

ol' hitler

the world record (all tackle) hammerhead shark was caught down in boca grande this past week. 14ft 3in long and 1280 lbs. it crushes the past record of 991 lbs caught in sarasota back in 1982. the shark dragged the boat 12 miles off shore. ive been trying to tell my friends and family maybe they should think twice about swimming off the gulf but no they dont listen to me. "there arent any real big sharks out there" well go ahead and take a look at this big guy. could it be the mythical "old hitler." somehow i dont think so since that myth was started back in like the 60's.


Richard P. said...

looks like its safe now that he is dead....lets go swimming!!!!!!

rere said...

"git-r-don" said the retard

"amen!" said the preacher