Wednesday, July 12, 2006

sharp shooter

i have to admit, when leah said she wanted to buy a gun i was a little bit scarred. thought maybe she had some ulterior motives if you know what i mean... but she bought a 20 gauge shotgun and we took it with us down to river ranch on our family vacation. they have a skeet and trap range at river ranch and i thought that would be the perfect place for leah (who had never shot a gun befor) to learn how to use her new gun. what can i say but my wifes a natural. she hit 19 of 25 clays, which is impressive for anyone and especially a newbie. hopefully she will be taking down ducks this coming season and pray that its not just a ploy to shoot me. more pics from river ranch to come…


jk said...

nice stance siss

jen said...

rooooaaarrrr, leah!!!!!!!!!!!!
nice strong woman pic!
miss yous guys

Ryan Wilson said... out Cannon!

Now that's what you call a REAL woman. Look forward to slaying some birds with you this season. Hopefully you don't show us all up with your MAD SKILLS!!!

Richard P. said...

"Stick it out, white boy's got to got back!!!"

Video Editor said...

dirty cha cha

Anonymous said...

Go, Leah!!! Janie