Wednesday, August 16, 2006

fishing room

im posting these for my mother-in-law who wanted to see the work we did on our house. we had the wall from our front from knocked down and replaced with this arch. it really opens things up in there. all the walls in the front room, which use to be panel board, were replaced with drywall. and new ceilings in the front room and living room. the front room is now a kinda sitting room that has all my fishing and hunting stuff in it. also a picture of fern with my two faux hunting dogs.


Andy Montgomery said...

Looks great Cannon. I can take all that old folk art that was hanging in there before off your hands if you're done with it now. :P

Video Editor said...

verra verra nice!

Video Editor said...

two years ago, jen and i were in chickamauga, right were we are now, and your dad called (cannon) and told us your mom was having you. we did not make down in time to see you that day, but i came to see you the very next day.

jen said...

WOW! The house looks absolutely amazing! Great work. Can't wait to see it in person.

Tell little Ferna HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You guys should see a little package coming your way soon (Ferna's b-day gift). smile

Have fun at the party (you guys are still planning on a dance party type b-day celebration, right?)

p-roc's mom said...

very nice work. that room is awesome. and, don't laugh, but it's also about the size of our combined kitchen/living room.

ok, do laugh. go ahead. i don't mind. i've made my peace with how small our apartment is.


becki said...

i, too, love that room! your house looks real nice. dogs are pretty, too. like jkirb, i am moving into a space not much bigger than that front room.

van -- devin and i have both been calling, but maybe we need a different number for you? can you email us all your digits? (the one we call seems to be hooked up to internet).

JMiller said...

Stopped by the site to see if you were ok..havent seen ya around FW in a while.

Room looks great


JMiller said...

Oh...and another thing...

Still want to get together for a shoot? Lets try to come up with a weekend to zap 'em.