Saturday, August 05, 2006

mangroves and coconuts

another black & white. from little gasparilla. i was walking along the inside of some mangrove trees and i noticed all these sun bleached coconuts had washed up together. thought they made for nice contrast.


Richard P. said...

little gasparilla what a magical place!

batts said...

Cannon...nice blog...makes me homesick...congrats to Josh as well on fatherhood (if he reads this).

I've entered Rowboat into some more festivals. Have you got my emails amidst your striving to enter the Pro Bass world?

I'm heading to Kissimmee in 2 weeks to have a reunion with the boys...Scooter Paul, Jason, Matt and Bobby. I hope I can still cast a baitcaster and Matt is good with Budweiser stir-fry.


Anonymous said...

I miss Little Gasparilla!! 'Love your pictures!! Mom

vanckirby said...

hey joel, no i havent got your emails. glad you entered us in a few more festivals. cross your fingers. are you gonna come into lakeland while you r down? we should get together.