Thursday, August 10, 2006

migrating melons

from a series of shots i did on migrant workers down in south florida. inside an old school bus that they cut the tops out of and use to carry these watermelons. we rode back to the plant on top of these melons. they sent a few home with us. very yummy.


Video Editor said...

on our way back from seeing you'll, we saw seveal of these busses headed north.

i like this series much

Richard P. said...

yeah, that was a good day of shooting! nice melons they are!

Batts said...

Cannon - did you get the address for the festival in my last post?

Also, is that Josh's hair post-fatherhood?

vanckirby said...

joel, yes and yes

Video Editor said...

you got a problem with my hair, joely-polie?