Tuesday, November 14, 2006

shark hunter

simon with a sand shark he caught all by himself over at my parents place. he had been wanting to catch a shark for some time now. nice catch simon!

u may have noticed a new link on the page. kirby kids is yet another blog by van cannon kirby. its set up mainly for family (grandparents and the like) but anyone who wants to see pics of fern and lyla is welcome there.


p-roc's mom said...

Can I just say thank you? Thank you for sparing us the heartbreak of having to wade through any more pictures of scary men in fatigues, mangled ducks and bleeding, soon-to-be-decapitated fish to get to the money shots of Fern and Lyla frolicking together on the beach. From me and my fellow non-hunting sistern and brethren, sincerely, thank you.


Anonymous said...

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vanckirby said...

most of those fish u see are still swimming around alive and well