Friday, January 12, 2007

fly tying

i always wanted to learn how to tie my own flies. ive been fly fishing since i was in middle school, mostly for bass and bluegill and trout a few times. anyway, for christmas i got a bass pro shop gift card from my brother and sister in law (thanks guys) and decided i would finally learn to tie flies. so i got a fly tying kit a new 5 piece travel fly rod. here r my first attempts at tying flies and my first fish on my own fly. hes not big but im proud of him! from top to bottom; caddis fly, woolly booger, and winged ant (from this angle you can only see one of his wings). the one in the bass' mouth is a pattern i made up myself, which made catching him double fulfilling.

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Video Editor said...

they look good. now you can start making and selling flies on the side.