Tuesday, February 06, 2007

tornado camping

so we decided to pick the tornado weekend to go camping. of course if we would have known we wouldnt of gone. i guess if anyone had known there wouldnt be 19 dead floridians because of the tornado. it passed about 20 miles from where we were camping. needless to say we felt some of its effects. we are all very thankful that no one got hurt since we had 5 adults and 6 children ranging from age 9 weeks to 5 years old. friday night we really didnt know what was going on. we just thought it was the cold front moving in a day early and were pissed that the fishing was gonna stink the next day. it wasnt till the next morning when we turned on our cell phone and noticed all the messages we had received from concerned family and friends. kinda puts things in perspective when you realize that while you were getting mad because fishing was gonna be bad and your kids were getting wet in their tents that people were dying a few miles away.

all-in-all we had a pretty good time. fishing wasnt all that bad. we had plenty of trout and reds to eat at night around the campfire. vince had purchased a huge tarp (just incase of rain, hehe) that kept us dry when it was really pouring. the kids seemed to have a fun time and no one was injured or anything. cant wait for the next trip!!! if you wanna see some more pics you can go to vinces blog and check em out.

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Vince said...

man, does that undercooked crab look tasty or what?