Tuesday, June 12, 2007

fishing with dad

my dad and i went fishing today. we had a great time. caught a bunch of speck and a ton of bass.


Vince said...
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Vince said...

its like shooting fish in a barrel!

vanckirby said...

its fun to shoot fish in a barrel

Matt Monahan said...


I've been admiring your blog for the past couple of weeks since Tad turned me on to it. You've become something like a fishing hero for me. I love fishing, and did a lot more of it as a kid in southwest FL, but now it's pretty small time around Chattanooga.

Anyway, I look forward to keeping up with you via the blog.

Also, I didn't know what a "speck" was until we caught a bunch yesterday and the old guy I was with said some called 'em that. Funny, how my family from MN calls them "Crappie" with a "Crap" and here they call them "Crappie" with a "Crop," and you guys avoid the issue all together. Speck sounds a lot cooler, too.

Tight lines!


vanckirby said...

hey matt, glad to hear your keeping up with the blog! its about 4 am right now so im kinda out of it. getting ready to head out to a bass tournament on lake toho in a few mins. been pre fishing the last few days and havent really found the quality fish but maybe we'll luck into something this morning.

where are you doing most of your fishing up there? got any pictures? i'd love to post 'em up.

i had seen that tad had posted a few months back. havent seen that joker in ages. we use to talk baseball all the time. do you know if he still keeps up with the game? you guys should come down in the spring at some point and we can all go to a game and do some fishing.

Matt. said...

Not sure if Tad is still into baseball or not. I know he's quite busy with three kids now and Covenant really loves him and he's the tech-net-graphics-guru-allstar up there. He also lives out in rising fawn so it seems we never see them either..... I miss him too.

Wow. The idea of coming down with Tad seems downright dreamy... What's the drive to Chatt from there? I'll run it by Tad.

Up here I basically ahve a couple of private ponds I fish in a canoe. I do a little on the Tennessee river but you really need a bigger boat for that. I do get out fishing for stiped bass and smallmouth with Jeremy Roerdink at times and thats a lot of fun. He's a trolling guy, so the feel to his fishing style is way different.

I've recently gotten into fly fishing for about everything but trout... I can nail the bream topwater but I need to get dialed in for other fish as well.... I'd like to go after some Gar for fun one of these days, too....

I'll keep in touch.


vanckirby said...

"jeremy roerdink" wow havent heard that name in about 9 years.

if you dont have kids with you, the drive takes about 8 1/2 hours. tell tad we'll go to a tigers game. he and his dad use to come down for spring training back in the day.

i had gar stealing the legs off my toads all day today. they are all over the place on toho. some huge gator gar also. if you want to see a giant gar, go into my archives and look for the post "gator gar." will make you think twice about swimming in texas!!!