Friday, July 13, 2007

bass and bluegill on the fly

a few days ago i got a small bluegill fly from bobby at big fish outfitters. a small olive cricket that he had tied himself. i decided to go out for about an hour and try it. i caught about 30 small bass and bluegills. i was flirting with trees the whole time and finally broke off in the end. these are a few pics i took while i was out.


Karen said...

(This is Matt, not Karen)

Dude, I"m all about the panfish on the fly thing. I can slay the bluegill with my 5/6 wt and even outfish the live bait under bobbers crew bc I"ve gotten to where I can get my fly a couple of feet back under low hanging trees (like a foot off the water). Death on the water....

But the bass...I'm still not there. I need some tutoring.

Great to see you're doing well with it.


vanckirby said...

thanks matt. hows everyone over in your house? you guys recovering?