Monday, November 19, 2007

my backside

i went duck hunting this morning. it was not as productive as opening day but i had expected that since folks had been blasting the last two days. i did not expect three groups of birds to sneak up on me from the back throughout the morning. by the time i would see them, it was too late. i wasnt exactly on my game! i should have bagged a woodie, a ringer and a teal. but today i seemed to always be looking in the wrong direction when the birds came in. i was so frustrated with myself that i was ready to give up and go home but right as i was standing up to collect my decoys i saw a large duck over my left shoulder getting ready to pass. he was high but not out of my range. it only took one shot and rather than fall he took a long fast glide to the water. he hit the water on his stomach and skipped like a stone another 15 ft right-side-up across the surface and when he stopped he was dead. not so much as a twitch. it was a beautiful fall. he looked like a plane coming in for an emergency landing. one of the prettiest mottleds ive shot. bright yellow beak. flawless dark feathers and not a shot hole to be found. maybe i scarred him to death?

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Mom said...

Very pretty duck...pretty yellow bill!!