Saturday, November 03, 2007

old fly rod

my neighbor (an older gentleman that i did not know) past away last week. his kids opened his house up for a "garage sale" this weekend. i saw some old rods sitting outside so i moseyed on over to check em out. i have a friend who collects antique fishing equipment so i try and pick up stuff when i can find it cheap. there were five antique rods that they were asking $25 for. one of them was this little 8' fly rod. i was gonna give it to my friend but i started casting it in the yard today and fell in love with it. it has no brand name or markings on it but it feels like it is a 3 to 4 weight rod. i don’t think it’s a really expensive rod or anything but it is in very nice condition and i thought i would take it up to n. carolina for some of those small brookies. leah will be thrilled that im adding another fly rod to the collection. i am giving the other 4 rods to my friend. he will be happy as long as i dont mention the fly rod. hehe

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