Saturday, November 24, 2007


went hunting with quackbob from the florida water fowler forum today. it wasnt a banner day but we managed to down two greenwings and have a good time. was nice to meet a new friend and future hunting partner. heres a pic of bob with his teal.


oldfatslow said...


The guy who started me duck hunting moved away and I was solo for a while. But before long, I had the kids trained and in the marsh with me. The only problem is that once they get really useful - real partners in the blind, they head off to college. It looks like you've still got a few years before yours are big enough, but the best days of your life will be when your kids start splashing ducks in the dekes. It's also nice when they pick the ducks and clean the guns.

I enjoyed reading through your blog. You have a great time in the outdoors. I fished a lot with my dad, but I never started it back up with my kids.


vanckirby said...

i cant wait till my kids are old enough to go fishing and hunting with me. you shold start back up fishing in the off season. you are in a great location for it.