Thursday, November 29, 2007


so while i have been down here in florida actually working for my ducks my buddy ryan was up in louisiana at his uncles hunting camp busting up the birds.


Ryan Wilson said...

That's what I'm talk'n about bro!

Thanks to the man who took me on my first ever duck hunt...first ever hunt PERIOD for that matter. Well, except of course that stupid snipe hunt junior year.

Appreciate you posting the pics. AWESOME hunt...we will have to go next year...and now we can take Finn! :)

eric said...

OUCH! Truly you have killed me with this post - very enjoyable with great photos. Consider yourself lucky, for outdoor recreation this coming weekend, I will be reduced to ice fishing.

Congratulations on the new addition to the family, too. Take care.

vanckirby said...

eric, it is a cool 80 degrees down here in old florida. we wont be getting any ice fishing down here...ever!

Richard P. said...

Ryan, you sure you shot that duck????

Vince said...

wait! there's a duck hunting season... would love to post more, but i have a fishing tournament in the morning.