Monday, December 24, 2007

project blue boat

bailey inspecting the damages

as if i didnt have enough projects that need to be done around the house that arent getting done. well i just picked up another one. a family that i am good friends with had this canoe sitting around half in their lake half in their yard waiting to be fixed. i had asked about it a few times but the father had hopes of his kids fixing the boat (he is a quadriplegic and cant do it himself). one of the kids put his knee through the boat two years ago while playing "boat wars" whatever that is. last night he told me to take the boat. so here it is. it has two holes (not leaks but holes), a bad previous patch, two rotting wood seats and about a million spider nests. so what do you think? can it be fixed? i thought it would be a great addition to my duck hunts. i am getting a used pirogue for christmas so if i can get this canoe fixed it should give me room for a few more hunters and better duck hunting than out of my 16' white center console flats boat. planning on doing a nice camo paint job if i can get it patched. any expertise and suggestions will be appreciated.


oldfatslow said...


Merry Christmas to you and yours.

No duck call, but I did get booze,
cigars, and underwear. I'm ready
for a new year.

I like your canoe. My first
duck hunt was out of a canoe.
I flipped it leaning for the
third shot on a ringer screaming
by. Always wear your PFD. Also,
I found out that each PFD in a
canoe also has to have a safety
whistle (Fl. law).



vanckirby said...

well it looks like the canoe is a loss. too brittle to be worth the repairs. gonna have to drive around and find an open dumpster. still have the pirogue on the way and im very excited about that,

eric said...

Hey v.c.k. – sorry about the boat. It’s amazing what years of U.V. damage can do to a craft like that. I store my molded fiberglass duck canoe tightly wrapped in a tarp under the eves of my storage shed – if my foot goes through the bottom while out on the marsh, I could wind up dead of hypothermia. Also, with an old damaged boat; the weight added by layers of glass during the repair process tends to make the thing unwieldy both on land and in the water.

Better luck next time, and please post some photos of your pirogue. Also, your Weemeroomer is stunning – I’d throw that dog up on the training table and get to work…

vanckirby said...

ofs, that sure sounds like some new year you have planned! does "shewhomustbeobeyed" know about it?

eric, im afraid he like the canoe is a lost cause. "next time gadget"