Thursday, January 03, 2008

merry christmas to me

yesterday i got my christmas present and even though it was a little late, i was still very excited. it is a used pirogue. i took it out today to see if i could keep from tipping. of course i picked the coldest day of the year to try it out. i felt very comfortable in it and only felt a little unsure when i would switch from my knees to my butt which i did several times to try and get use to. the boat has a few small leaks which i plan to fix in the next few weeks with a friend who does fiberglass work. im thinking of trying a hunting trip tomorrow morning on a small locale lake. what do you guys think? now or never? or should i have a few more practice trips?

should have brought along my pellet gun to take out some of the local feral ducks.


The Father of Five said...

Go for it!

Ya only live once!

But hey... You said Merry Christmas. Right?

Where are your parka, hat, boots, gloves, scarves, chopper mittens, pocket warmers... and wait a minute... Is that OPEN WATER??

See, it's HARD WATER season up here... Time to transition to Ice Fishing!!!

Nice boat! I am sure you will have lots of fun with it!

NoGoodGuitarPicker said...

Coldest day? What was it, 70? *G*

Go hunting tomorrow. If for no other reason, go because I cannot.

vanckirby said...

actually it was in the 30s today. brrrr! hehe

Vince said...

im still trying to get over the fact that you can actually maneuver from your knees to your butt... i didnt think you could handle that on dry ground.

Vince said...

and, you need to bring that pellet gun over next time, so we can eat some of these feral ducks.

vanckirby said...

and from my butt to my knees. impressive, huh?

NoGoodGuitarPicker said...

30... that's getting to be duck weather! It was 16 for our Monday outing. Dang, that was a cold morning!