Saturday, January 19, 2008

richies first of 07/08

richie finally got his first duck of the 07/08 season. a hen blue wing teal. she came down on his first shot of the morning. after that it was all down hill for ol richie boy. he took several more shots but that was the only duck to fall. i bagged a nice woodie drake and stoned a mottled but couldnt find the bird despite looking for about 30 mins. im sure we could have gotten a few more birds if we could have seen through the fog for the first 3 hours of shooting. not a huge day on the lake but we sure had fun and plenty of laughs.


oldfatslow said...

Nice woodrow. That's
definitely the prettiest
duck you can shoot.


Richard P. said...

pictures look great, once again thanks for taking me.