Monday, May 05, 2008

small kids/small fish

leah and the kids spent the past week at my folks place at the beach. i went over for the weekend. on saturday i decided to take the kids out to catch a few fish. nothing special. just a few small mangroves and pin fish but we had a good time.


Tony said...

Just had a read through your blog ,I only found it after you posted a comment on mine . The Redfish look great only seen them on angling programs over here . Also the little Trout steam looks fantastic , making me truly jealous . It would be nice of you to link my site on yours I would do likewise if thats ok ?
Cheers and regards from England

Random Phrump said...

Hi Van:

Great photography on all your sites - I had a peek through - you must be a busy lad! Beautiful family - a lucky lad too, I'd say.

Thanks for the link. I'll post yours on mine if that's OK with you?


Janie Kirby said...

Fern and Lyla....Great Blue Heron, Fred says, "Thanks for dinner!"
XO Grammie

Varo said...

O no, it´s a pleasure. I add your blog to my flyfishing links too. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Oh! And very beatiful pictures...


Sergio said...

Hi. Im Sergio from Spain. The other day you post a comment in my blog. I dont mind if you put a link to it. Your blog is nice. Great photos. I hope to be in contact with you.
Excuse me for my english.
Bye bye

connor said...

yeah thats a pretty cool place to fish for the fun of it. and you can catch some pretty small ones. i remember one time catching this fish which was like a cross between a lizard, a saneke and a fish. but that sounds fun.