Sunday, November 02, 2008

united waterfowlers of florida

i did not fully understand what united waterfowlers of florida do for duck hunters. i have met some great members and even hunted with a few. i put joining on my "to do at some point list." after attending the meeting yesterday at the circle b ranch bar and seeing exactly what the organization does i went directly to the UW table and signed up. i want to be able to hunt these marshes but most importantly, i want my kids to be able to hunt these lands when i am long gone. UW is making sure that will happen. i am a long time member of DU and now i will be a long time member of UW. thank you guys for all that you have done for us on the florida waterfowling front! if you are a duck hunter in florida you should seriously consider joining up. its only $25. these are the guys who are responsible for getting goose season opened in florida.

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Richard P. said...

welcome back Fladuckdays...sure did miss ya! by the way thats the same path i saw that gator on..big gator