Monday, July 27, 2009

girls gone fishin

getting ready to head out

digging for worms

the snake egg we found while digging for worms

a couple of nice bluegills

fern and fish head

cleaning fish

surf and turf southern style. quail, bluegill (like grandmommy used to make it), cheese grits and baked beans

the girls enjoying their bounty

took the girls out bluegill fishing today in the neighborhood that i grew up in. we had a great time. they caught a mess of fish that they wanted to eat so i cleaned em up and took em back home to pair with some quail i had in the freezer. nothing special, just pan fried like gram used to make when i was their age. the snake egg came home as well. we will keep it to see what hatches, something else i used to do when i was young.

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oldfatslow said...

Check out the front page of Delta Waterfowl.