Wednesday, July 07, 2010

back from the welders

just got the boat back from the welders and i am very happy with their work. i had the deck and back bench covered with aluminum diamond plate. there where several large holes from seats, trolling motor, switch panal and other things that had been removed in the past. there was also a large crack in the back bench where the tiller had smashed into it. i had that reenforced with double diamond plate so that it wont happen again. i had all the ribs welded where the rivets had popped out. that should add plenty of needed strength. the biggest up grade is the removable stand up grab ("oh shit") bar that i had fabricated. hopefully this will keep me on my feet when i hit logs and such. the guy that owned it before me drove the boat sitting on the poling platform with the tiller between his legs and seemed to think that was the best way to drive the boat. he also told me he had been thrown off several times. i do not plan to drive the boat in that manner. i plan to paint the new work tomorrow. at some point i am going to paint the whole thing and give it a fresh camo job.

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