Sunday, September 26, 2010

birdie's first duck hunt

birdie went on her first duck hunt this morning. it is the early season so you can only shoot teal and wood ducks. we managed one hen wood duck. it was a long shot and she did not see the bird go down. i pulled out of the duck blind within birdies retrieving range. i sent her out on a "blind" retrieve and she found the duck. i missed my second woodie but shot a moorhen from the duck blind to give her another retrieve. she marked it and brought it back to hand like a pro. i will post videos of the retrieves later. congrats on your first duck birdie girl!


Amanda said...

I'm so happy for you and your girl! Congrats to you BOTH!! Oh, the joy she must feel when she's out there. So wish we hunted so could take Cipe and Laszlo. I know they would love it so!

vanckirby said...

we are both having a blast!

R.P. said...

glad to see her coming along. Looks like she is going to be a good dog