Friday, June 03, 2011

nc trout fishing day 4

today was a frustrating day of fishing. the first four trout i hooked came unglued. the fifth was a small rainbow that i landed. the sixth was a monster brown for the area. i would say around 16 inches. as i was lifting him for the net the hook came loose. i tried to scoop him up and broke my landing net on a rock. after that i decided to hit up a spot that is usually good for dry flies. i had three trout hit my elks hair caddis fly but none of them stuck. today was the last day of the catch and release season which means that tomorrow everyone and their mother will be out there with their push buttons and spinning tackle cleaning out the river of trout. i will probably skip tomorrows madness but plan to be back out on sunday.


James Miller said...

Beautiful photos, as always. Lord, it makes me want to go to the mountains sooo bad. Went to Naples last week and caught my first Snook ... actually two!

James Miller said...

Saw the cherries... is it still ramp season up there? Yum

vanckirby said...

congrats on the snook. i love catching snook! the cherries were delicious. they were perfectly ripe when we got there.