Sunday, December 09, 2012

lost in a fog

We got up really early to try and get to our spot first. With as many ducks as we had seen scouting, we knew there would be a good number of hunters on the lake. There was a thick fog on the lake. No problem, we have gps. Wrong! We headed out into the fog and our gps started loosing location. We spent the first hour and a half going around in circles. We ended up back at the boat ramp three times. When we finally got to our spot three boats were flashing us off. There were more hunters than we expected to see out there and all of our back up spots had been taken. We found a pretty good looking spot, threw out the decoys and set up. Then we heard some guys talking. We had set up right on top of a group. I'm not sure why they didn't shine us off. We didn't want to cut them off from ducks so we picked up our decoys and moved out to a terrible looking spot where it was no surprise that no one was set up. We sat and waited for the sun to come up and the fog to lift a bit. We got a few shots off at some woodies then picked up and looked for a spot. We finally found a decent looking spot. We shot a couple ducks but not close to what we had anticipated. Birdie had three very nice retrieves which made it worth it to me. She also took a crap on Johnny's shoe which was another plus (for me). I laughed my ass off for a solid 10 mins.


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