Tuesday, May 09, 2006

crazy folk

my parents goofing off. I think this was somewhere over near lake Kissimmee, or maybe over in the gulf, cant remember. If my parents are faithful “fladuckdays” viewers maybe they will let us know.


Richard P. said...

O man these are great!!! How long ago were these taken? I love them! yeah....maybe once they check your blog they will jump to mine!!!!! hope your class went well bro...peace

Bruce Kirby said...

These picture were taken at Shady Oaks Fish Camp on Lake Kissimmee. We were vacationing there with Dane and Robin Streets. Sadly, this wonderful fish camp no longer exists. A victim of the states "reclaiming" old Florida. You couldn't get much more old Florida than Shady Oaks.


Anonymous said...

they are great!