Friday, September 07, 2007


vince and i went down to the kissimmee river today to do a bit of prefishing for the upcoming extreme bass classic. we caught a bunch of bass but only a few keepers. the big story of the day is when i hooked into a 5ftr gar on a crankbait that drug us around the river for about 10-15 mins. for a brief moment we thought i might have hooked a world record bass but when it didnt surface we began to suspect something fishy (officially the corniest pun in blog history). i had a ton of fun trying to get him in on 12lb test line and an ultralight crankbait rod. and if nothing else it was fun to watch the fish flop around on vince's boat seat spreading gar poo and the worst possible fish smell on earth!


Mom said...

Wow, Cannon...that gar looks just like Duke!! :) I hope you were sweet to it!!

Matt said...

Nice gar, man. I"ve been wanting to go after them with a fly rod. Gar anglers sportsmen society ( them America's toughest sport fish for 100,000,000 years. I've heard you need to wear a glove to handle them without getting sliced up. Looks like you had no trouble, though.

Stinky, though, eh? Makes me a little less enthusiastic about going after them, but just a little.

I'm envious!