Tuesday, September 11, 2007

labor day weekend

over the labor day weekend we went to the strawbidges lake house for some sun n fun. after we wrapped up a day of skiing and bache ball, vince and i went out to catch a few bass.


Anonymous said...

Van- You mention Kiss river bass fishing-

Are you fishing way down ? Big O side and going north or From River Ranch/Kisimmee area going south?- reason I ask I know they had a big fish kill last Aug,06' and no fish were found/ or caught by me plus river was Closed from mouth of OLD Kiss river . Wonder if it is now open and if fish have returned- I loved the Old Kiss river- pre fish kill.
I'm the snake lure guy- Doug Hannon is my partner- We bang a few Ducks every once in a while as well, up here on Toho. Feel free to e-mail me mark@naturalmotionlures.com

vanckirby said...

hey mark,
glad to have you on the blog! i know your lures even though ive never used one before. my fishing partner and i have talked about ordering some to isolate the big fish. ive watched all the videos on your website in the past, very impressive! ill add a link to your site on the blog under the "fishing links" section to the right.

we fish all around on the kissimmee chain. the large gar was caught in the north part of the river near "river ranch." the bass in the picture below it was caught down by the second locks headed south on the river. we did not lock through to the other side and i havent seen what it looks like down there since the old river bed has been restored. there seem to be plenty of fish north of the second locks but the majority are small but it has been that way since i was a kid. i did catch a 9lb bass on the river earlier this year. there are pictures on an earlier post if you want to see. most of this year we have been fishing on toho because of the water depth but i think we are planning on fishing the "classic" on lake kissimmee rather than toho. any tips on hot spots this time of year?

i am planning on doing a bit of duck hunting up on toho this year for ringers. maybe ill see you up there. was looking out for some teal on the river but didnt see a single duck.

hope the lure sales are up and keep checking in with the blog. thanks, van

crossgirl said...

You need to have a fishing school for my littlest boy.

Lucia said...

Cannon, it's boche ball !!

Matt said...

Actually, its bocce, which is Italian for ball. It's my favorite lawn game just ahead of 6 ball guerilla croquet. A day of bocce, skiing, and fishing would be about the all time triple crown winner of leisure in my world.

Man, Cannon, I still can't believe how big they are down there. I know I've never met him, but I've grown attached to Vince and that unique grin of his.

Hopefully I'll be able to get down there some day and meet your crew.

Vince said...

where were the fish like this in ANY of our kissimmee tournaments toward the end there... always ounces out.

vanckirby said...

hiding from us cause we suck!