Monday, February 25, 2008

4th at classic

bobby ended up placing 4th overall in the bassmaster classic and winning $30,000. not bad for his first ever classic. way to go bobby!


batts said...

in the money and in the sponsors!!

BTW,nice tunes from Wilco on the site...we took Lily and Grace to see them in Mississippi last year and Jenn made shirts for them that said "Jeff let me play tambourine" and "I'm in love with the heavy metal drummer"....tweedy talked to them between some of the songs....Jenn and I going to see them next Sunday in Nashville...

tweedy is the Bobby Lane of music (sans the crankbait hooks in the hands)!

vanckirby said...

joel, hopefully he will be roling in the sponsorships after the high profile press he got.

thats awesome about taking the girls to the wilco show.

we need to make a new film! just watched rowboat yesterday for the first time in about a year. watched the "behind the scenes" feature with you standing out in the water. funny stuff! made me want to make a new film something serious.

how come we never went duck hunting together this season?

batts said...

yes, a new film would be great...I'm still convinced Rowboat could make a good fest run...we still may have a shot because many fests will accept films shot within 3 yrs...I feel bad for Jason but we all sort of went our separate ways after post-production.

all for doing another film the meantime, we should produce an instructional video with Chris and Bobby on the lake...they may already have an offer to do this...let's talk about this more...I've thought about a business plan to do this, but haven't talked to Bobby or Chris about it yet

would love to go duck hunting...what you need to do is come up to Memphis and we'll hunt Arkansas in the delta...big, big ducks stuff

my cell is 901-605-7466

Anonymous said...

WTG Bobby! FWIW Wilco will be the musical appearance on SNL this Sat.