Saturday, March 15, 2008

new toad

so since the price of everything is going up do to gas i decided to try out a new toad. ive used zoom horny toads for years and love them but with current prices im paying about a $1 a piece for them and for a soft plastic lure that rips up and you have to change about every fish, thats just too much. i purchased a bulk of inexpensive "off" brand toads on ebay so i headed over to my old neighborhood to see how they worked. i noticed a few pros and cons that i thought i would share with you. the new toad doesnt cast as far because of more wind resistance and seems to pick up more trash from the water. on the “pros” side it makes more noise (which could be a con sometimes), its cheaper ($.25 a piece) and it seems to be more durable (i used the same toad for all three fish). the really good news is that it catches fish.


Janie Kirby said...

The toad looks interesting...but I really love that red-headed little bug in the lavender sweater!!!!

vanckirby said...

um, thats brown hair