Monday, March 17, 2008

weigh in

vince and i took some of the kids over to camp mack to hang out with the lanes while bobby had his finale day weigh in. we had a ton of fun and got to meet a few more pros. fern made good friends with steve kennedy and his dog. It was pretty cool to see the whole espn production thing.


Richard P. said...

fern and the dog, what a cute picture

eric said...

At the risk of being inappropriate, the young lady in the second photo from the top is smokingly hot. Great photo! ;-)

Winter is still in full force here in Northern MN - I'm taking my kids ice fishing on 3 feet of ice this Friday - and reading your blog seems to make my cabin feever even worse.

Take Care!

vanckirby said...

haha, thats scottys wife. he is the guy standing to her left. he is a friend and competition when it comes to the tourneys.