Thursday, November 27, 2008

thanksgiving mallards

went out this morning for my second annual thanksgiving duck hunt. got my first real triple and my first green head. three shots and three dead mallards. one of the hens definitely had some mottled in her back and beak but also had two white stripes on her speculum. doing my part to control the feral duck population. they must of wandered off of a golf course somewhere. well, they wont be returning. picked up the decoys by 8 a.m. and headed home to help the wife with the thanksgiving celebration preparations. so many things to be thankful for.


Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...


Love your blog!

It's funny to see how different of worlds we hunt in!

Have a great season...oh! How's the snipe hunting this year?


vanckirby said...

havent shot any snipe yet this year but may get to shoot at a few on saturday. you?