Saturday, January 10, 2009

black bellies

i went to sta 1 this morning with caretaker. neither one of us had ever shot a black belly whistling duck before so that was the target. caretaker had scouted a spot and it payed off. what a fun bird to shoot. it is amazing how well they respond to a whistle. the total bag for the day was 9 bbwds and 3 drake blue wings. after the shoot we had breakfast at the local taco stand. thanks for the invite caretaker! i had a blast.


NoGoodGuitarPicker said...

That looks like fun! Never even seen one of those before... nothin' close to that 'round here!

vanckirby said...

nggp, they are from south america. they have been slowly moving up into north america and i am happy for it.

Live to Hunt.... said...

Vanckirdby- that middle photo of the drake blue winged teal is amazing, what a looker! To get one out here is a very rare treat - once in a lifetime sort of thing. The black bellies are also beautfiul, nothing like that here. Nice!

vanckirby said...

live to hunt,

you would love cooking with the black bellies. they have huge legs.

the bwt was a very nice one. it had white all the to the back of its head.