Monday, January 05, 2009

duck weekend

quackbob and i had a duck hunting filled weekend. saturday morning we drove over to broadmoor for a morning permit hunt. we meet up with oldfatslow and his oldest son craig. we had a successful hunt shooting blue wing teal and a mottled. its always a pleasure shooting with oldfatslow and his boys. after that bob and i headed north to the st johns to shoot snipe. we didnt have much time but we managed a few snipe and watched a beautiful sunset in the marsh. after we loaded up in the dark we headed down to clewiston and found a roach motel for the night. the next morning we grabbed breakfast and headed down to sta5 for an afternoon hunt. we managed a nice mixed bag of blue wing teal, green wing teal, mottled, ringers and my first ever widgeon. sta5 was a real treat. what an amazing place to hunt and what an awesome weekend of duck hunting.


Live to Hunt.... said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! That was your first wigeon huh? That's amazing, we shoot them all winter long. I've limited on wigeon twice in the past two weeks. Interesting how the different flyways hold different birds. A bluewing is very, very, rare out here.

oldfatslow said...

Congrats on the widgeon.
Those are indeed rare.
I've only got a singleton
on those as well.

Craig and I had a fun
hunt with y'all. It
was great to meet
QuackBob. Thanks again
for the invitation.


vanckirby said...


we dont get many widgeon in these parts. im just glad it wasnt afull plumed drake or my taxidermy bill would have shot way up. this one will go in the belly. bwt are a staple here.


thanks for joining us on the hunt. hopefully we can do again soon. feel free to use any of the pics for you blog.

Ragin-Cajun said...

One of your buddies was standing in the water wearing short sleeves so I'm assuming the weather was pleasant also. Very nice. Lots of blue wings still hanging out in La. as well. Unusual for this time of year but certainly not unwelcomed!