Saturday, September 18, 2010

quail again

went out to train birdie again today over quail. she did great! she picks sent up so fast. shes holding point and whoaing much better than last time. spent most of the day with her on the check cord to hold on wing and shot. she also backed ritter for about 5 birds. she found one bird that had snuck out on us. we turned around and saw birdie on point about 20 feet away. ritter picked up and backed birdie. that was very cool! she does a great job retrieving to hand. my favorite of the day was when she marked a bird that flew off next to a pond and pointed it with half her body in the water and half out.


Amanda said...

Great pic of you and Birdie. Need more of you with your girl! ;) she's maturing so fast. Don't see the pup in her face as much.

vanckirby said...

she is having so much fun chasing birds!