Friday, November 26, 2010

birdie on snipe

went back out to see if the ducks would show up and to put birdie on her first snipe. the ducks did not show but its good training for birdie to have to sit in the blind. after we saw that the ducks were a lost cause we walked up a few snipe. her first snipe retrieve was beautiful. she held after the shot and went straight to the bird when i sent her out. she brought it straight back and dropped it into my hand. the retrieve i caught on video was not as pretty but still not bad. she tried to take the bird to andrew who was to my left. she had such a great time out there bounding through the water and looking for birds.

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Amanda Robertson said...

haha! I just laughed out loud watching this second video of Birdie jumping and playing and you trying to make her "come!" :) Just awesome!! What a beautiful "cinnamon" you have pictured above, Cannon! So glad you make time to post these. I love seeing them and hearing about her!!