Monday, November 29, 2010

duck of a life time

bob, ben, birdie, and i went down to sta 5 yesterday. we had tons of ducks working all morning. we didnt fire a shot till well after the sun was up trying to wait for big ducks. for some reason we couldnt get the big ducks to come near our spread although we had wigeon and pintails working all day. birdie did awesome and retrieved 8 of the 12 ducks we shot. she is breaking on the shot about 70% of the time and i need to break her of that. the highlight of the day was that bob shot a cinnamon teal drake. it was not full plumed but still a beautiful bird. we typically do not get cinnamon here on the east coast. they use the western flyway and show up mostly in mexico and california. most likely neither one of us will ever see another in our life time.

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