Monday, December 19, 2011

johnny bluewings

sunday johnny b joined bob and me for another afternoon hunt. we spent some time scouting and found some nice potholes in the cattails that the bluewings were stacking up in. the birds worked the decoys great. cupped up and feet down all day long. johnny shot his first duck, a drake bluewing teal and followed it up with five more drake bluewings. not bad for a first time duck hunter! i shot a limit of drake bluewings and bob shot five bluewings and a stud drake ringer. johnny wanted a duck for the wall but all the birds are still early in their plume so he will have to wait for a late season duck. the highlight of the day was watching johnny wide eyed as hundreds of ducks worked our area. couldnt have asked for a better hunt with better people.


oldfatslow said...

You're getting all the
drakes and we were
getting all the hens.

Glad you're having some
good hunts. If we
ever get some cold
weather, it should
be awesome.


vanckirby said...

there were more hens than drakes i just targeted all drakes. they make pretty pictures :)