Tuesday, January 03, 2012

"waterbird" phil

took another new hunter out yesterday. phil got to experience the crazy addictiveness that is duck hunting. went to a lake that i hadn't hunted yet this season so we were going a bit blind. we set up in a spot that was good last season. we waited there till about 8 am and saw very few ducks. fortunately a front was moving in and it was a very overcast day. i decided to make a move to a different location. we found a good number of ringers, set out the decoys and blinded up. it didn't take long for the birds to start coming back. we had ducks landing in our dekes before we could even load our guns. birdie made a beautiful retrieve on the first duck down. she is holding well on shot which makes me very happy. phil got his first duck and johnny got his first ringer. the sun didn't come out till about noon which kept the ducks moving and made for a fun shoot. no limits but an awesome hunt on a public body of water.

i got a new hunting camera so pictures should be much better from here on out.


Ian Nance said...

Well done!

What kind of camera? My Nikon D3100 went swimming.

The Reverend Fowl ™ said...

You guys finally put some heavy clothes on, must be getting chilly.