Wednesday, January 16, 2013

good times, good retrieves, bad gator

We went out yesterday and shot a few ducks. Johnny and I had a piss poor day of shooting but when we connected Birdie did a great job retrieving the birds. She had a time with a cripple but she is a persistent pup and after several dives and a few mouthfuls of hydrilla she came up with the ringer. I finally got a couple of good pictures of her retrieving. Late in the day I noticed a very large gator near our blind so I kept Birdie in the boat from that point on. The temps have been in the mid 80s here in sunny Florida. I wish we could get another cold front before the end of the season to push down some new birds and keep the lizards at bay. Please note Johnny's sweet Pfunk George Clinton sunglasses. I am pretty sure they are responsible for 90% of our duck flares today.

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