Sunday, January 20, 2013

lady killer

I've been shooting too many drakes this season so I did a little balancing this morning and shot all hens. Well, that's not all together true, I just shot the birds that I could. All four birds decoyed beautifully, cupped up and feet down. The first two came in as a pair and I shot a nice double. Birdie went four for four on her retrieves and was rewarded with a traditional post hunt cheeseburger. This may be my second to last hunt of the season. Johnny and I have plans to hunt on Tuesday and expect that will be my last hunt.

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River Mud said...

Temperature here in MD dropped from 44 to 12 degrees overnight, so I suspect we're nearly done here as well (saturday's the last day). Diver and goose hunting could still be epic if we are able to break ice and be on the X.

I saw the link with your post title and fully expected a tirade about shooting hens, which I'm happy to find out, it wasn't :)

4 ducks in the bag is a great morning!